How I Find Copywriting Inspiration

When writing copy for your brand, sometimes you can get stuck in the cycle of using the same words and terms. I mean, how many more times can you say, “get your coins, sis,” “partner with me,” and “let me manage your social?” It can get a bit boring, no lie! You don’t want to sound like everyone else, but still want something that draws attention to your signature service. Here are a few ways I grab inspiration when writing for myself or clients:

Industry News Articles

Keeping up with current events and latest trends truly helps me find out what’s on the horizon. It’s great to reference in social media and email copy. Every few days, I’ll scroll through some of my favorite publications, blogs and news outlets, to see how folks in the industry are talking about changes. Articles are usually the first place I find news about big rebrands, changes in corporate leadership and social media marketing changes.

Big Brand Ads

Powerhouse brands like Nike, MTV and Urban Outfitters have marketing material that really intrigue me. I look at their social media platforms, emails and even television commercials let me gauge how their messaging is received.

I also take time to study the mistakes of specific brands, since it gives me room to not only focus on what clients look forward to, but what language they and their audience wants to stay away from.

Gossip Blogs

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’ve unfollowed a lot of gossip blogs because the comment section can become a nightmare of negativity. BUT, gossip blogs like Bossip are great ways to find amazing displays of personality and humor. They do amazing when flipping boring headlines into something that is entertaining and click-worthy. It helps so much with clients who aren’t afraid to have some fun!

iPhone Notifications

We all have a love-hate relationship with iPhone notifications. If you don’t you probably turned them off a bit ago. The thing I find interesting about them is that their entire goal is to get your attention. How many times have you been on a phone call, or scrolling through the never-ending Instagram feed and see a notification that makes you tap instantly. Those DoorDash, YouTube and Pattern notifications attract you for a reason. Using some of the verbiage or style is foolproof!

There are just a few places I study whenever I have writer’s block, and they always help knock that wall completely down. If writing for yourself is something that usually trips you up, it may be time to call in the big guns. My copy VIP Day is a great place to start. It’s a 6-hour jam session that ends in your getting the perfect copy for your website, sales page, email launch and more.

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I'm Sydney Hart, a brand strategist, designer and copywriter working with Black creatives so you can re-inrtoduce yourself while building credibility. I help you attract dream collaborations and clients with a show-stopping brand and website.