Five Mindset Shifts to Make Before Working with a Designer

Lightbulbs with gold accents hang from the ceiling, as we look at a wall with images taped up, out of focus.

There’s mindset work for coaching, pricing, and even hiring. But what about outsourcing to other service providers?

How do you approach other people for them to do a service for you? Design is such a collaborative process heavily based on what you provide to your designer. I don’t just go off to my lair and design for three months.

There’s work, communication, and expectations in between. Mindset can propel you to new heights, and without it, you’ll be held back from amazing opportunities to grow your business. Mindset is paramount when working with a designer.

Without it, you begin to become complacent in the work folks do for you. Here are a few mindset shifts to consider before getting started, feel free to read on, or for the visual folks check out the video below!

The Mindset Shifts to Take You from Blah to Bangin’

 A mindset of control to delegation

Giving up control after doing everything yourself can be really scary. When you decide to invest in design, you have to let go of the bulk of the decision-making, as well. Control is you micromanaging, telling a designer to put this there and make this smaller and combine these colors. It’s not our job to hold the pencil while you move our hand. When you begin to delegate, you give the service provider the tools they need to move forward, without you holding their hand. In branding, you give keywords, emotions, experiences, and research and we then go out and build something for you. Delegation ultimately means growth. You can’t hit the next tax bracket and complete the level of impact you want with your hand in every pot. You must delegate and invest in others to help you get there!

Change your mindset from lack to investment

Instead of framing the payment of a designer as a loss of money, and a lower number in your bank account, reframe it as an investment for growth. If you don’t invest, what will happen a year or two from now when there are broken links, slow pages, boring copy on your website? You could lose brand deals, collaborations, and future clients. 

If the investment is the value; time, energy, expertise, and value. Just because it is a stretch, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. If you turn your nose up at a price tag, you can’t be surprised when your clients do the same to you. You must invest in your business, and design is one of the steps that can change everything. Don’t forget that it takes money to make money.

Move from focusing on “copy and paste” to inspired

On another note, you’re not investing to look like someone else. You should be attempting to carve your own lane. Our job isn’t to copy and paste from what you give us but gain inspiration. And what are you doing with your inspiration? 

Are you sharing it or hiding it?

Stop hiding and start showing up

Which bucket do you fall into? You show up all the time. You’ve recently shown up. You’ve been in an online cave somewhere. Either way, you have some fears coming from every which way. Clients can come by word of mouth but you have to make sure that you are showing up. Don’t wait until seven days before you launch to announce what’s been happening. Increase buzz by sharing your decisions. It’s up to you to market your business. A new logo doesn’t fix anything, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. 

You must intentionally and consistently show up to glow up from a “newbie” to an expert!

Shift your mindset from a newbie to an expert

Even if you have 10 years of experience, you could look like you have one because you haven’t invested. Before you do, you have to prepare yourself to operate like a boss. When your brand and website finally match what you have to offer, will you? You were never a newbie. A bigger bag is on the other side of big brand energy!

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I'm Sydney Hart, a brand strategist, designer and copywriter working with Black creatives so you can re-inrtoduce yourself while building credibility. I help you attract dream collaborations and clients with a show-stopping brand and website.