All About Timeless Design

In 2021, Burger King changed its logo and did a full rebrand after 20 years. The Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Macado said, “There’s no blue food…buns don’t shine…the logo felt old, from a time when design characteristics were trendy”

That’s the thing about trends. They come and go. 

The Importance of Timeless Design

Trends pop up every few years and usually exit just as quickly. Gradients, fonts, and style of animations all cycle through trends. Eventually, every brand needs an update, but there are certain elements that last well beyond their 15 minutes of fame and stand the test of time. 

Brand Over Trends

Trends in design can come and go. Some are great for the long haul, but there’s a difference between wanting a trend because it connects to your brand strategy, and because you saw everybody and they mama doin it. Take for instance fashion trends Bell Bottoms recently made a comeback, for now, in a more modernized fashion. But will soon die out again and make another comeback in 5-7 more years. Your business is more important than a fad or a change to keep up with the Joneses. There are elements every designer can choose from that are timeliness. Lines, color arrangements, and even some fonts.

Timeless designs can stand the test of time. 


How many times did you rearrange your room as a kid, with no thought to if you would enjoy the change a year from now? Too many? Me too! The same goes for your branding. We must craft every piece of branding with intention so that it has room to grow.

There are many reasons your branding loses quality over time. You can outgrow it, as your business model changes. You pivot your audience to a completely different level, and in turn, they’re attracted to a completely different look. In the end, the work must look good to move forward in confidence.

Going back to the Burger King reference, the logo isn’t completely different. It still has some of the classic elements, but there are simply some more timeless elements implemented ensuring the logo can withstand another 20 years. Will your logo stand the test of time?

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