Why I Use SHOWIT for Client Websites

What if I told you there was a platform that could take your website from blah to bangin’ with ease? You know how much the girls love ease. 

I have just the platform for you… Showit! In recent years, it has gained notoriety as the place for online business owners to have a digital home with ease.

What is SHOWIT?

According to SHOWIT, it helps you “create a website that books clients you love.” From my experience as a designer, that’s exactly what it does. It began as a platform for photographers, and has evolved into a place where creators can sell products, and build out a fully functioning blog.

Showit is my favorite platform for clients and for myself, and I’m loyal to the core. It is quickly becoming “that girl!” for a few of the following reasons.

Design Flexibility

Many times, I envision designs in my head first before I’m able to put them down using pen to paper. This mode of working is usually a struggle on other platforms making it difficult to complete things in the time that I need to. The ability to design without code on SHOWIT allows me to get the most done in the least amount of time! This means shorter timelines and quicker changes for clients!

Customer Service

If my clients and I run into kinks or tech issues, they are usually resolved within 24 hours. They have an amazing blog and YouTube channel filled with tutorials, interviews, webinars, and more. They can help with domain setup and hosting. SHOWIT also works with platforms like Google to ensure you’re covered on both ends. The SHOWIT team isn’t 24/7, yet, but they make up for it by being the ultimate resource for us as creatives. As someone that has had to wait upwards to 3-4 days for website platform customer service teams to get back to me, SHOWIT is truly that girl when it comes to customer service!


If you sell products, ShowIt integrates with Shopify lite and ThriveCart. If you’re a blogger, it integrates with WordPress so you don’t have to learn a  brand new blogging platform. ShowIt is a versatile platform that can be used in conjunction with any platform and they make updates every day. Don’t get locked into a platform that limits how far you can go. 

So will I ever switch from SHOWIT? Probably not, I may add a few more platforms to the roster, but for right now, the folks I serve thrive with SHOWIT!

Well Hey There!

I'm Sydney Hart, a brand strategist, designer and copywriter working with Black creatives so you can re-inrtoduce yourself while building credibility. I help you attract dream collaborations and clients with a show-stopping brand and website.