the ins and outs of a brand that books, ON AND OFFLINE.

In 2021, Burger King changed its logo and did a full rebrand after
The Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Macado said, “There’s no blue food…buns don’t shine…the logo felt old, from a time when design characteristics were trendy.”

That’s the thing about trends. They come and go.

Would you build a house with no foundation? Make a business design without reason behind it? You wouldn’t. Or maybe you would, but that’s none of my business.  The same should be applied to your business journey, including branding. When it comes to client work, I don’t design without completing brand strategy first. A strategic […]

Ever wonder what work goes into a rebrand, besides the dollars and time? Here are five things you must make sure you overcome before applying to work with a professional designer.

Lightbulbs with gold accents hang from the ceiling, as we look at a wall with images taped up, out of focus.