the ins and outs of a brand that books, ON AND OFFLINE.

In 2021, Burger King changed its logo and did a full rebrand after
The Global Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Macado said, “There’s no blue food…buns don’t shine…the logo felt old, from a time when design characteristics were trendy.”

That’s the thing about trends. They come and go.

All of the people you look up to have brands. The problem is, no one ever takes it back to the basics. You need to understand that a logo is not a brand. Like Meek Mill said, there’s levels to this sh*t.


So you launched your personal brand a few weeks, months or even years back. The problem is, you’ve been making a ton of mistakes along your journey. You have to do so much more than simply “show up” on social. Before we hop into 4 things you absolutely need to avoid, let’s make sure we […]

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