the ins and outs of a brand that books, ON AND OFFLINE.

Have you ever visited a website and it just seems to be a maze of problems? It’s impossible to navigate, there’s broken links everywhere and the design hurts your eyes. It’s a pain, especially when you’re ready to invest your time and energy into another business. Your website can be a complete turn-off, even to […]

All of the people you look up to have brands. The problem is, no one ever takes it back to the basics. You need to understand that a logo is not a brand. Like Meek Mill said, there’s levels to this sh*t.


So you launched your personal brand a few weeks, months or even years back. The problem is, you’ve been making a ton of mistakes along your journey. You have to do so much more than simply “show up” on social. Before we hop into 4 things you absolutely need to avoid, let’s make sure we […]

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